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Italian Cultural Center Ballroom 

Service Enhancements

Add, staff, hotplates, rollups, disposable packaging, hot plates and more to your catering event. We cover everything you need for a great event.


Every thing you need for a great event.

Service staff

Staff to setup all food, maintain and replenish hot items.


Paper plates/Rollups/Utensils

High quality, Fully compostable plates, Full size napkins with fork/knife rollups, machine washable serving utensils.


Chafing Dishes

(Stainless steel chafing dishes with Sterno fuel – keeps food hot for 30-45 min and makes serving easier and food more presentable)

$12.50 Each


Heat Lamps

(Comes with extension cord and keeps pizza and other hot appetizers hotter and fresher for longer)

$12.50 Each


Individually Packaged Meals

(All food packaged individually. Cold items in plastic clamshell containers or plastic cups and all hot food in aluminum pans with sealed lids)

$1.95 Per Person