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Today Roma Catering is still run and owned by the same Cecchetto family. It is on its third generation of family members working to keep the tradition, but most importantly the passion that started so many years ago.


As a young boy in the 1940’s, Romano Cecchetto had a passion for cooking and creating new and exciting ways for preparing food. His talent was well known and in 1969 that talent was put to use when Romano and his wife Antonietta Cecchetto started catering small functions for the local Italian community. Romano and Antonietta worked full-time in their respective jobs while catering on the weekends, sometimes working through the night to prepare for the next’s days event. It wasn’t long before the Calgary based catering company that started out small flourished and grew into a full- time business known as Roma Catering.

Their son Carlo Cecchetto joined the business early on in his life as he shared the same passion and talent as his parents. He went on to attend SAIT to become a Chef as did his sister, Angela. In 1988 Carlo took over majority of the company and together with his sisters Angela and Laura, his wife Franca, and the wisdom of Romano and Antonietta, Carlo moved the catering company forward.

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